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Let's bask in our appreciation for Pokémon No. 0043, the Grass- and Poison-type Oddish, also known as the Weed Pokémon.

Vital Stats

  • National Pokédex Number0043

  • TypeGrass/Poison

  • Height1' 08"

  • Weight11.9 lbs

  • CategoryWeed Pokémon

  • AbilitiesChlorophyll, Run Away

  • GenderMale or Female

  • WeaknessesFire, Ice, Flying, Psychic

  • Evolves IntoGloom

Watch Oddish In Action!

Pokémon Go

It's been said that Oddish likes to wander, so it's probably delighted to be the star of a Pokémon GO Limited Research Day event on September 17, 2023.

Pokémon TCG

The Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Scarlet & Violet—151, features all of the Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region. This includes, of course, the lovable Oddish! Look for this expansion in stores starting September 22, 2023.

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Path to the Peak

Oddish hits the big leagues as the partner Pokémon to Ava, the young star of the new animated miniseries, Pokémon: Path to the Peak. With Oddish by her side, Ava is sure to become a Pokémon TCG star!

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Twitch Animation Marathon

Relive some of Oddish's most excited animated adventures during a Twitch marathon of Pokémon the Series episodes.

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Beyond the Pokédex Video

Spruce and Maple teach you everything you need to know about Oddish in this episode of Beyond the Pokédex.

Oddish according to the Pokédex

Oddish Games

Oddish has appeared in Pokémon video games since the beginning! It's always fun to see how a Pokémon's look...well, evolves over the years.

Oddish Merch

Pokémon TCG cards, plush, toys—there's all sorts of cool (and cute!) Oddish merchandise to collect.

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